How To Choose The Right Part Time Maid In 2023?

If you think hiring a maid service is just for the fabulously wealthy, cast those thoughts away! This is 2023, and everybody is busy in Singapore. Think of all the time you can get back by having a professional team come in and clean your home once or twice a week. Far from being a luxury for the ultra-rich, this is something that can help busy working families more than anyone else. Surprisingly, it isn’t as expensive as you probably expect. However, it takes almost no effort to start up one of these companies, so you need to be cautious when it comes to the hiring process.

Before you hire him or her from the maid service center, don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong professional for the job, though. It could cost you in the short and the long term. Professionals provide an outstanding level of care. You will feel comfortable in your home. You’ll look forward to the days that they come to your home. However, if you hire anyone to do the cleaning, you could be missing out. What should you look for when hiring professionals in Singapore part-time maids in 2023?

Experience Does Matter

Having a maid service is nothing new. People have had professional teams come into their homes to handle the work of cleaning for decades. However, there are many new companies out there. Should you trust them? Look for an experience most importantly. You’ll appreciate having someone who can get the work done right away without you having to tell them what steps to take. Experience also means you can trust them. After all, they couldn’t stay in business if they didn’t do a great job.

Background Checks

When interviewing these professionals, ask about the background screening that the company does for anyone that works for them. You will be giving them access to your home. You want to be sure that they can do a great job, but also can be trusted around your valuables and your family. Some of the best companies do an outstanding job of screening those they hire. This can put you at ease knowing that you don’t have to worry about who is coming into your home.

The Quoting Process

If you call on a company like this and ask a question about rates, don’t expect the company to offer you a flat rate. If they do, turn away from that company. Instead, you want these pros to come to your home, walk through it, get an idea of what you need, and then offer a quote for the service. That’s the only way to know what needs to be done.


Take a look at the company’s level of consistency. Do they have the type of team that is the same week in and week out? Do they provide the same services regularly? You also want to be sure they will be on time when they say they are going to be.

Auntie Cleaner Part Time Maids. Call us: 8609 3601
Auntie Cleaner Part Time Maids. Call us: 8609 3601

Finding the right part-time maid means considering all of your options. Don’t overlook the importance of doing a bit of research before you hire any company. It is your home, after all. You need to ask them some questions, and if they answer as per your expectations, you can let them in. Here are the five most important questions or queries that you should clear out from your maid that will help you avoid any complications in the future. 

1. Can you provide me with references? 

This point is important because you must know if the maid is efficient enough to do her job and trustworthy to give her the responsibility of your house when you are not there. You must have at least three references and talk to them or check with the Better Business Bureau to know about any cases filed against the maid you are hiring. 

2. Are you insured or licensed or bonded? 

Another important thing is whether the part-time maid has documents to show about insurance. This is very important because it will give you a defense against any unfortunate injury, theft, or damage that might take place in your house during the service of the maid. You must also be protected from civil litigation that will save you from any problem if your maid gets hurt or injured during work. Checking the insurance certificate is very important and don’t forget to check the policy dates as well. 

3. What are the different modes of payment? 

Know about the modes of payment, and whether the fee can be done with a check. For this, you need to talk to the cleaning services from where you are hiring the person. In some places, you can pay in cash, credit cards, and checks and the payments during the time of service. Some places also have this condition that you need to do prepayment for the first time. Check if the payment also includes cleaning supplies and transportation costs. 

4. What are the rules and regulations if I forget any cleaning day? 

Most of the aid centers charge for appointments, even if they are missed. The only way you can save your money on the day you have missed is by canceling it in advance. But if the service provider has the keys to your house, they can send a maid to clean your home, and you may pay later.

So, it is better to keep the keys with them because this will help you from not paying for the services you didn’t get. Good hiring companies store the keys in a double-locked box at their offices. For added security, they code the keys individually and cross-reference them separately. 

5. What are the kinds of cleaning products to be used? 
Some cleaning products include a lot of chemicals that may be quite harmful to the skin and body. So, it is important that you must know about all the cleaning agents that are being used by the maid. Besides, some detergents cause damage to wooden furniture. It is in fact; essential to check the various materials used by domestic help. Many part-time maids use all-natural cleaning products to help customers stay away from chemicals that can cause allergies.

Before you place questions to your maid, you must first jot down all that you want to ask. This will help you not to look for questions that you were supposed to ask and forgot at the very moment. You must also check with the work of the maid after she is done to make sure that she had performed her duties well.

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