How To Choose The Right Blinds Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is a very important quality to maintain in one’s life. All the surfaces of the house should be cleaned regularly. Also, one should observe proper personal hygiene. The areas of the house that need regular cleaning include the floors, table tops, desk tops, bathroom and the window blinds. The window blinds need special cleaning. This is because they are delicate. Thus, if you want your blinds cleaned you should pick a professional cleaning services company. They are highly skilled in their work and will not damage your blinds as they clean them. It is often difficult to identify the right cleaning services company to hire. Read on for tips on how you can pick the right one for your home.

• Ensure that they are properly certified

When picking a cleaning service company, have a look at their certification. It is important that they have the right documents permitting them to perform their services in your location. The documents prove that the cleaning service is operating legally. As you vet the cleaning companies, ask for their work permits and certificates as well. The management should be very ready to provide you with these documents for you to verify. If you notice that they are reluctant to provide you with these, conclude that they are not legitimate and move on to the next company on your list.

• Draw up a contract

When you hire a cleaning company to clean you blinds or other parts of your home, ensure that you draw up a contract indicating which jobs are to be done and how much you are going to pay afterwards. The contract should honour aspects such as the date of working, the cleaners who are going to do it and the amount to pay for the service. It should also indicate the liability of the cleaners. For example, the contract should indicate if they are liable for any property that gets damaged during cleaning. This way, if anything goes wrong and some property is damaged for example a vase is dropped by accident then you and the company clearly know who is going to pay for it. 

• Employee responsibility

A good cleaning company should have proper responsibility for their employees. They should provide them with proper insurance, provide them with the right tools to clean and even train them if necessary. When choosing a cleaning company to work with, check on this factor. If the cleaning company is responsible for its employees then they will do a great job of cleaning your blinds at home. 

• Employee capability

The cleaners should be very capable and well trained in cleaning houses and their contents. The cleaning services company should ensure that the cleaners are well trained in cleaning a variety of devices and appliances. This is so that they do not damage these items by cleaning them improperly. 

• Identify the rooms that you want cleaned

Prior to hiring a cleaning services company, find out the rooms that you want to be cleaned. There may be some that you do not want the cleaners to enter and clean. In addition to that, identify the cleaning services that you want them to conduct. You may want them to clean your house and do your laundry as well. After identifying these, look through your list of cleaning companies and cross out those that do not offer the full range of cleaning services that you desire. This will have you left with only those that can conduct the cleaning jobs you want completed. 

• Ask for referrals

When searching for a cleaning company, you can ask your family, friends, relatives and co-workers for a good cleaning company to hire. These sources are almost always ready to help you with information about good cleaning services to hire. Sometimes, the cleaning service companies can offer their customers a bonus or discount for referring them to new customers. Thus, all your sources will be ready and willing to help you out. 

• Contact and request consultation

After getting a number of good referrals, you can contact these cleaning services and request a consultation. You can request that they send one of their representatives to come and see the cleaning work that you want done. They will send one and the representative will give you a cost estimate of the job you want done. If the company does not send you a representative, then you can cross them off your candidate list.

• Conduct a trial job

After short listing a cleaning service to work with, hire them to perform a cleaning job or a series of these for you. Observe how they perform the jobs and vet their capacity to perform. This will help you to further crosscheck the companies and pick the one that does the best job. In addition to that, it will give the companies an idea of how you like your house to be cleaned. If you find that a cleaning services company promised to do a great job and did not, then you can cross them off and look to others. 

• To analyse the capability of the cleaning services company, you should know some tips on how to find out if they cleaned it well. 
• The house should look neat, be clean and smell nice. 
• The carpets should be properly vacuumed to ensure that dust mites are not left in the fabric. 
• You should check even under the furniture to see if the cleaners cleaned the nooks and crannies where dust accumulates. 
• Check that the bathroom tiles have been cleaned well and they are shiny and dry. 
• Check in the grouting and ensure that the spaces are clean and have the color that they originally should. 
• Look at the corners of the rooms and check for dust. They should be spotlessly clean. 
• The sinks and mirrors should also be sparkling clean. 
• Your furniture should be dust free. 
• The blinds should be well cleaned as well. 

If you find that a particular cleaning services company did a marvellous job, then you can keep hiring them to clean your blinds!

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