How Often Should I Clean The Toilet Bowl?

 How Often Should I Clean The Toilet Bowl? If you see dirt particles on your toilet seat would you still like to use it? Would you be comfortable inviting guests to your home for parties or meetings? You might Wipe the dust with the help of water but are you sure that your toilet seat is bacteria-free?

A toilet seat is the best place for bacteria to grow, not just the seat you can also find harmful bacteria like fungi on the flesh of your toilet.

This bacteria can cause harmful diseases like fungal infections and skin rashes which is the reason why it is very important to clean your toilet bowl from inside and outside at least once a week especially if you have children in your house.

There are a lot of benefits of cleaning the toilet bowl and if you are someone who has a very busy schedule or you find it very hard to clean your toilet bowl then you don’t have to worry anymore as the four steps mentioned below can help you to keep your toilet clean.

This will not only keep you and your family bacteria-free but will also leave a good impression on your guest. The toilet is the most used part of your home and is very important to disinfect the toilet bowl from time to time.

Benefits of cleaning toilet bowl

How Often Should I Clean The Toilet Bowl?

There are a lot of benefits of cleaning toilet bowl from time to time and one of them is to clean it to prevent yourself and your family from the illness and infections which can affect their health. There are many more benefits so let’s have a look at them in brief.

Eliminates Bacteria – 

The bacteria can live on the surface of your bathroom or toilet seat if it is not clean up for a week or more than that.

This is the reason why it is very important to keep your toilet surface and bowl clean, this will not only kill the bacteria but will also prevent you and your family from viruses like stomach virus and fungal infections.

Breath – 

When someone enters a dirty bathroom the first thing that they notice is the smell coming from a dirty toilet seat. Inhaling that smell can cause health concerns as you also inhale dust and bacteria with it.

You may also have serious problems like asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia, this is the most important reason why you should keep your toilet bowl neat and clean.

Healthy environment – 

If your entire house is clean but your bathroom is not clean then it can leave a very bad impression on your guest. It is very important to clean your toilet bowl for a healthy environment, if you do an effective regular cleaning then you can welcome your guest anytime you want.

Removes odor – 

If you don’t clean your bathroom from time to time then the smell can be pretty bad, it is very important to clean the entire bathroom including the sink, floor, toilet seat, and bowl.

A bathroom is the best place for bacteria which is why it is very important to clean every part of your bathroom including the inside and outside of your toilet bowl.

How to clean toilet bowl properly

If you want your bathroom to look at its best then you should not avoid cleaning it from time to time. No one likes to clean inside but it is important to avoid bacteria. Here are Four easy steps that can help you to clean the toilet bowl properly.

1. Collect things that you need – 

The first and the most important thing that you need to clean your toilet is a toilet brush, a good toilet brush helps you to scrub out all the dirt and grime that is not visible to you.

The next thing you need is a bowl cleaner which will help to clean your toilet bowl and will kill all the germs and bacteria cause, these bowl cleaners are easily available online and offline platforms. You can buy it by selecting its fragrance.

2. Reduce water level – 

After collecting all the things that you need to clean your toilet make sure that you reduce the water level of the toilet bowl before cleaning it, then you have to fill a bucket with water and pour the water into the toilet which will help you to drain all the excess water.

3. Apply detergent or disinfectant – 

The next step is to apply the disinfectant around the circle of the bowl and then wait for it to drain down on the side of your toilet bowl. This disinfectant will not only kill all the germs but will also remove all the smell.

4. Scrub and rinse – 

The last step is to use a brush and scrub your toilet seat firmly to remove all the access dirt from it and then rinse the disinfectant just flush. After this last step doesn’t forget to clean your brush and the area around your toilet seat to maintain proper hygiene.

You can also use sprays and scented candles to make your bathroom smell amazing which can also improve your mood by avoiding all your stress while you use the bathroom.


How Often Should I Clean The Toilet Bowl?

A perfectly clean toilet bowl requires wiping the surface and cleaning the bowl from inside and outside both to avoid the illness and infection caused by the bacteria. Cleaning the bathroom from time to time properly not only helps to make it look good but also avoids all the odor.

Cleaning the toilet sounds daunting but this is something that you should never avoid and also you should teach your children to clean the bathroom, cleaning it after every use with the help of some water and tissue paper will lessen the work of your weekly bathroom cleaning.

You can also clean it before taking the shower with the help of toilet cleaners and tissue paper To maintain proper hygiene of your body and your house it is very important to clean your entire bathroom once a week.

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