How Often Do We Need To Clean Our Window Grilles?

A house that’s kept neat and clean is quite comfortable for family members to live in and is very welcoming for guests. Cleanliness applies to areas inside and out, and this includes window grilles which most homes are built with. This portion of the house may seem almost insignificant, but can be noticeable and unsightly once it gets really dirty over time. As much as windows provide protection from the weather, it is somehow unprotected in itself. Having been designed to maintain the right temperature in any room by keeping hot or cold air out, it likewise has to withstand various outdoor elements while it serves this purpose. Like many other parts of a house, it is constantly prone to the harsh effects of a myriad of environmental factors.

The Importance of Cleaning Window Grilles
Window grilles are exposed to sunlight, rain, dust, and various other particles and pollutants that eventually build up on the grille material. If you wish to maintain a beautiful home, regular cleaning must be performed on the windows and grilles of your house. Most homeowners have their focus on sweeping, scrubbing and cleaning floors, wiping clean tabletops and furniture, and work their way up to cupboards and ceilings. Windows may be part of routine, especially when the glass becomes clouded or blurry and smudged. Window grilles are usually the least of their concern and it is not surprising how cleaning them can easily be overlooked. 

If accumulated dirt and other adverse effects on the grilles are left for a prolonged period, the appearance of your windows altogether can become marred. It obstructs a supposedly relaxing outdoor view that you would normally appreciate, and the entryway of natural sunlight to give your home cosy warmth can be restricted. What’s worse than an unattractive front of a home is the hazards to health dirty grilles pose. 

So the main question is, how often should window grilles be cleaned? The optimal time depends on various factors such as your cleaning schedule and preferences. It can be done instantly when you are spot cleaning, whenever you deem it is needed, thrice a month, every two weeks, or made part of your annual spring cleaning. Integrating regular window cleaning to your typical home cleaning regimen will help protect your investment towards long-lasting optimal performance, aside from keeping your place a nice home for everyone who lives in it. Ideally, thorough cleaning is recommended at least twice a year, and done by professionals to make certain that no cranny or nook is overlooked and the proper procedures are applied during window grille cleaning.

The Right Way To Clean Your Window Grilles

Use a premium quality brush with soft bristles to gently remove the build up of dust, and do so without grazing your windows. A duster or cloth may also be used in order to eliminate as much dust as possible before wiping the window grilles down with water. Otherwise, you’ll end up having more difficulties in cleaning your grilles along the way.


After dusting with a good brush, lather the window grilles with a mild cleaning detergent that’s specially formulated for the material it is made of. Take your time to wipe off grime that’s formed on the lattices, and in cases of stubborn grime, a stronger cleaning aid may be used for easier cleaning. It’s a good idea to use an old cotton sock as an alternative to cloth, so that it is firmly in place on your hands and prevents it from slipping during cleaning.

Homemade Cleaning Solution: 

Water and vinegar is an excellent alternative for detrimental cleaning agents, being a natural solution that would never leave spots and marks on your window grilles.


Many people think that using chemicals is the most effective way to ensure that window grilles are thoroughly cleaned, and to shorten the task altogether. The opposite is actually true, because no matter how mild chemicals are, they can still be harmful to the material composition of your window grille. Certain metals like iron is prone to rusting, which can result to irreversible damage that will require you to replace the grilles so soon.

Hot Water: 

This is an exceptional cleaning agent that can effectively deal with oily substances that have become stuck on the window grilles. Soak a clean cloth in hot water then use it to gently wipe your window grilles until stubborn and sticky grime are eliminated.

Avoid Abrasives: 

When cleaning window grilles, it’s important to note that abrasives must be avoided in attempts to eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, and stains. Even when the slightest pressure is applied, the risk of scratching and grazing your grilles is still present. It won’t hurt to take a minute to have a closer look and see what kind of particles you are actually dealing with, then try to remove afterwards with a suitable method matched with the right cleaning agent. 

Why Hire Professional Cleaners

The tips outlined here are best practices every homeowner can perform almost anytime. Proper care exhibits well-cleaned window panes and grilles that are hygienic and creates a more appealing home. A clean house is very welcoming and leaves a good impression to guests and neighbours. Though most cleaning procedures can be done on your own, it’s still a wise move to seek expert advice whenever uncertain of the right techniques and products to use. Hiring professionals proves to be a big help to people with really busy schedules, and those who have more important matters to attend to rather than cleanup and cater to window grilles.

You can acquire high-quality service from reputable and trustworthy cleaning companies who will gladly perform various tasks for you at the right price. You can rest assured that qualified personnel and staff will do a job well done, with the use of state-of-the-art technological equipment. Professional cleaners have both expertise and experience, specializing in rendering not only your windows and grilles, but can effectively and efficiently clean every room of your entire home. You are bound to realize how essential it really is to clean window grilles to the overall beauty of a Singapore home.

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