How Much Does Part Time Maid Service Cost in Singapore?

Getting a Part-Time Maid Service for your Home

Looking for part-time maid in Singapore? Having a part-time maid to help you in home affairs is very important, especially in advanced countries like Singapore, Malaysia etc where both husband wives go for working outside. But having a maid at home has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Before hiring the services of any maid for your homes, it is very important to know how much does it cost to have a maid at home. Let us consider different aspects regarding this in detail now.

The tasks need to be performed by a maid include following things. They are:

· Toilet cleaning is the most important task to be done by a part-time maid. There are different toilet cleaning products namely phenol, Dettol and many other toilet cleaners. By using them properly one can clean the toilets, but maid should have the dedication and willingness to do this job.

· Sweeping the floor and wiping it cleanly: This is yet another important thing that should be done by a maid. Ultra modern brooms and wipers are available today for cleaning floors, but the job should be done neatly with dedication. Using them in proper way is also very important.

· Folding the clothes and ironing them: This job needs a lot of care as there are chances of maid destroying the clothes if she is not well versed in ironing. So this can’t be done by everyone. Make sure that your maid knows how to fold and iron clothes very well.

· Removing rubbish from home and throwing it away: This is another category of job to be done by maid. She should be very much dedicated in nature to do this job, because not all maids are ready to do this job, as they think that this job is not up to their standard.

· Cleaning window panes and grills: This job is quite simple in nature as all that the maid needs to do is to wipe the window panes with some powerful glass cleaning agent. Glass gets dusted and dirtied very easily and hence they need to be treated with lot of care.

Here are some important packages of part time maid service available in Singapore. There is a package of 4 hours per week, which is available for once in a week at a price of about $328. This counts to be 4 cleaning sessions per week. Another package is available at $624 per week. In this package, there are two sessions of cleaning per week, each session lasting for 4 occasions. In total there are 8 cleaning sessions and that helps you to save some money. There is another package at $912 per week. Here there are total 12 cleaning sessions. It is even more economical.

Thus by choosing the right type of maid service, you can keep your home clean and also and save a lot of money. All that you have to do is to visits the local website to compare different services and choose the best one among them. Choose a reliable part-time maid agency who doesn’t charge agent fee

Cost Of Part Time Maid VS Full Time Maid
Cost Of Part Time Maid VS Full Time Maid
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