Can Carpet Cleaning Make You Sick?

Routine vacuuming can help you in keeping your carpets clean by removing dirt and dust from the top layers, but germs allergens, grime, mould, flees and other contaminants that are trapped deep inside the carpet cannot be cleared by vacuum cleaner. In fact, with time these pollutants can accumulate and without professional equipments even trying to clean these carpets can make you and your family sick! Therefore, its important to hire a good carpet cleaning company to get your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year.

Professional carpet cleaners use special cleaning agents and machines to remove the deeply embedded dirt and surface dirt to give a fresh looking, totally clean, and healthy carpets. Proper cleaning of carpets is not the job of amateurs, as it needs extensive knowledge, specialized tools and training. So leave carpet cleaning job to the professionals and you’ll get the best results. 

DIY carpet cleaning won’t get you the best results!

The concern with most DIY carpet cleanings is how clean you are really getting the carpet. Professionals use truck mounted hot water extraction unit for thoroughly cleaning your carpets. Using a combination of eco-friendly hot water cleaning agents, and rapid extraction techniques, these powerful machines can easily eliminate all the contaminants embedded in the carpets. Carpet cleaners also apply stain protection treatment for keeping your carpets in the pristine condition for years. You cannot do that yourself! 

As hot water extraction mechanism applies the cleaners and quickly extracts them out, your carpets will get cleaned without much of dampness. This is important because any over saturation can increase the drying time. If your carpets are too wet for too long, there is danger of mildew and mold creating new health issues! While DIY cleaning jobs can take days to dry, professional carpet cleaning job can dry carpets within 8-10 hours at the most. They can also use speed-drying process if you want to dry your carpets extra fast. 

Another benefit of professional carpet cleaning is that they have knowledge and skill to remove the tough stains without damaging your carpet. Stubborn spots such as cola, wine, juice, and from pets can be easily removed within minutes. They can also erase all unpleasant odors that usually linger after some pet accidents. So if you feel that spot is permanent, carpet cleaning professionals can easily eliminate it.

Rug Cleaning

Then considering rug cleaning, stakes are even higher. Both oriental and area rugs are beautiful addition to your house, but they are difficult to clean and are prone to damage if they are not cleaned in a proper way. The biggest issue is that most of the area rugs, even expensive Persian rugs are not colorfast. That means, they are prone to color transfer, fading and dye migration. Professionals can easily combat all these issues by using special cleaning techniques whereas homeowners may not even know that there are issues until it’s too late.

Rug cleaning also leads to shrinkage as some area rugs are made using wool. Again, your professional carpet cleaner will take steps for preventing this problem. They will also clean your rug’s delicate fringe without causing matting or knotting. This will ensure that your rugs would continue to look great even after years.

Infographic - Why You Need To Clean Your Carpet
Infographic – Why You Need To Clean Your Carpet
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