Why Sign Part-time Cleaning Contract?

When it comes to cleaning, for homes, you or your family member can do the job or a full time maid can be employed to perform the tasks; similarly in the case of small offices you can employ a full time cleaner to perform the cleaning.

If family members are old and the younger ones are busy working or studying, then getting yourself or family members to do the cleaning chores could become stressful and exhausting. This may inadvertently affect the harmony within the household. Further, as the task involves cleaning only, it may not be worth the while to employ anyone on a full time basis. Once the cleaning task is completed, say within a few hours, house maid or full time cleaner will have nothing to do for the rest of the day. 

To alleviate you from such mundane and tiresome chores and also to generate more value-for-money, the obvious choice would be to hire part-time cleaners who work on hourly basis. There are many free-lance cleaners around, who are usually ex-house maids or foreign house wives as we are uncertain if these free-lance cleaners are working legally and it is common that these free-lance workers do not disclose their residential address, so in the event of loss or damages or any misfortune, employers could do nothing but to accept the unfortunate loss / mishap silently. 

Part-time maids can generally upkeep the house in a spick and span manner. Furthermore, with no contractual agreements, it is possible that these free-lance workers do not turn up for work e.g. due to own sickness, children’s sickness or other family problems without giving ample notice and may not turn up for another week or longer till their problem is resolved. These unforeseen circumstances definitely derail the daily plans of any household or offices. 

For homes, cleaning tasks would likely fall on the shoulder of the woman in the house, she who has been exhausted after hours of work would become a total wreck having to clean the whole house herself. In the case of offices, it is likely that workers would have to chip in to perform simple tasks like clearing their bins etc., thus affecting their productivity at their work place. The general cleanliness of the office would likely be left undone hence creating an unhealthy environment which may affect the wellbeing of the office workers. 

So instead of free-lance cleaners, who can be illegal, fly-by-night or fail you at critical moments, what you need to look for are part-time cleaning companies that provide professional and reliable cleaners that will see through all tasks assigned in a systematic, responsible and immaculate manner. Hence, when you have sought out the part-time cleaning company, you should sign a contract with them, detailing the agreed terms and conditions so that the rights and obligations of both parties are carefully spelt out. 

Having a signed contract, you would have peace of mind to concentrate on whatever business or jobs you are doing as you know that the cleaning will be done by legal workers, cleaners would turn up for work on appointed days, the cleaning would be professionally carried out and the expensive household and office items would be given the ‘tender’ and loving’ touches by these professional hands. Finally, you would be certain that any aggrieved party would have recourse should there be any failure to fulfil the terms specified in the contract. 

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