All About Kitchen Cleaning Tips

One of the most used areas of your home is the kitchen. Your kitchen is an interesting place, in that it is where you’re going to be cooking, conversing, and spending a great deal of time in. It can get dirty fast, and if you’re not careful, cleaning it could take on an extraordinary task. Cleaning your kitchen is more than just washing dishes. There are a few smart tips that you can take today, and get your kitchen free and clear of dirt, grime and more.

Compartmentalize Your Kitchen A Little
The first thing that you should do is simple, consolidate some of the things that you have in your kitchen. For instance, stack your dirty dishes, put aside different elements you have, and make sure that you put everything that you need to clean, put away, and move into one area. By consolidating, you will be able to see what you need to get done, and then set up a proper plan moving forward.

Work On Small Things First

Instead of cleaning and organizing everything at once, work through small things. Work on smaller tasks first, and don’t try to do everything at once. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with trying to clean and clear your kitchen. By working on a few small things first, you’ll be able to tackle everything that you need to get done with relative ease. Just don’t work on everything at once. You can take baby steps to cleaning your kitchen, and get things done in time.

Discard Cleaning Solutions You Don’t Use

Another great thing that you can do to ensure that you are cleaning your kitchen fast is in regards to the cleaning solutions you have. If you have a lot of things under your sink, take them out. Throw out anything that you’re not using. Seriously, if you’re not using certain things, get rid of them in favor of things that you are going to use. Use multi-purpose cleaners on your counters, to disinfect and clean. By simply discarding solutions you don’t use, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re cleaning with the right components, guaranteed.

Clean A Little At A Time

The smartest thing that you can do about cleaning up your kitchen is to simply clean a little at a time. Take your time, and don’t rush anything. The more you try to shove into a short span of time, the harder it’s going to be to move forward. Cleaning a little at a time will help you not only learn a few smarter techniques but also keep from getting overwhelmed by the need to clean and clear things up.

You might wipe the countertops when you’re finished making dinner, or mop your tile floor when you drop a piece of raw pork on it. But did you kill the germs, or just make the mess a little more invisible?

Kitchen hygiene is important for several reasons. First off, you can spread germs, whether they be pathogens, bacteria or the common cold, if you don’t disinfect dishes, countertops and floors often enough. Secondly, no one wants to eat in a kitchen that looks – or feels – like it’s filthy.

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen countertops and tiles clean is to change out your sponges once per day. When you spill something on the tile floor, use a different sponge or cloth to wipe it up then you just used to sweep crumbs off of your kitchen table.

Don’t rely on plain dish soap to wash away all the germs. Regular dish soap is not antibacterial. You need super-hot water or antibacterial cleansers to kill germs. Thus, you’ll kill germs on dishes when you wash them in a piping hot dishwasher, but just dunking the cutting board in lukewarm soapy water won’t kill the bacteria and pathogens that you just spread all over while you trimmed raw meat.

Kitchen cleaning
Kitchen cleaning

Now let’s talk a little bit about the floor – and tile floors especially. Tile floors look great in a kitchen, but they’ll reveal any spills and stains that might have landed there. You need to keep them cleansed with tile cleaner or a vinegar/water mixture and a mop to get them clean to the point where the spread of germs isn’t a problem.

The same goes for tile countertops and walls. Splatters from the cook top and dirty water sprayed from the sink onto the backsplash are all unsightly, not to mention germy. Clean these regularly with the same products you use to clean the tile floors to prevent spreading infectious agents.

Do the dishes and as soon as they dry, order the plates and cutlery with the utmost care. Thus, you will always have everything clean and at hand.

Anytime you wait for the turkey to roast, use the time to clean the cabinets from the inside and wipe out the furniture. Don’t leave it for later.

Use hot water and ammonia for DE-greasing. Always turn off the kitchen appliances, when you clean and sanitize them. As a finish, you can prepare some homemade disinfectant – a mixture of cold water and essential oil with some borax will do the job perfectly.

Daily cleaning with white vinegar or mild dish washer will maintain the sink shining and hygienic. Clean the sink after doing the dishes for spotless results.

When you Hoover and mop the floor, open the windows widely and let the bad odor and aromatic food smell to get out of the premise. Dust in a kitchen is always a lot, so it would be nice to let some fresh air in. You can also put some fresh flowers for comfortable and nice atmosphere.

Maintaining the order and the cleanliness in the kitchen must be done in time and of course very precisely. Otherwise, the cooking and the dining area will get out of hand very soon. Instead of embarking some grand and thorough one off cleaning in the kitchen, you should better do some little things daily. Do them in the name of your comfort, while trying some new recipe and for the sake of the family safety, health and snugness.

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