7 Dirtiest Places In Your Office & How To Clean It

7-dirtiest-places-in-yoIf you operate an office, then it is essential that you give a nice working environment to your workers to get the best work output from them. However, you can get this result only if you give a completely clean environment in your office. But most of the time people end up failing in proper cleaning because they do not clean all those hidden places that can be the dirtiest in their office. In case you don’t know about these places and you wish to know more about same then following are some details that explain about 7 Dirtiest Places In Your Office & How To Clean It in easy manner. 

Your desk surface: 
It doesn’t matter that you use a computer in your office or not, the desk of your computer might be one of the dirtiest places of your office. Indeed, it might look clean but most of the time you don’t clean it as properly as you should clean it. You need to understand that people eat their snacks on their office desk, they put all the drinks or tea on their office desk and they do other similar things also on their office desk. But when it comes about the cleaning part instead of using a good cleaning solution for cleaning of office desk, people simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and they think it is clean now. To avoid this issue it is strongly recommended that when you do the cleaning of your office desk, then make sure you pay minute attention on the cleaning part and you clean it using a good quality disinfecting solution. When you will do this then you will have a clean office in best possible manner and that will be healthy also.

Buttons of vending machines: 

Indeed, this place also look as clean as it can be but that’s not the reality. If you will check it under the microscope, then you will notice that buttons of vending machines have a lot of microbes and harmful bacteria’s on it. The biggest problem with buttons of a vending machine is that you cannot clean it using regular cloning method, but you can make it also very much free from all the harmful microbes. For that you can add a layer of microbes resistance screen on the buttons of your vending machine and then you can clean it whenever needed. 

Key board of your computer: 

If you will invest your computer keyboard then you will see a lot of dirt and dust on your table and this will come from your carpet. The most annoying about thing about keyboard I that it can have more than 3000 germs in every square inch of your keyboard and that make it one of the most dirty places in your office. In case, you don’t wish to have this complication and you wish to keep it clean all the time then a simple wipe of good quality disinfecting solution on your keyboard can do the trick. You can apply this trick on daily basis and you can get rid of most of the germs and microbes in easy manner from your keyboard. 

Refrigerator handle: 

Many time people open the refrigerator of their office to get some cold drink or cold water after finishing their food and mostly they do not wash their hands while opinion the door. Because of this they leave a minor part of food particle on the doors of their window and they create a lot of complication with it. Well, if you want to avoid this issue then you need ask your people to wash their hands before opening the door of fridge. Though that is not a practical solution and that’s why it is suggested that you clean the surface of fridge and its handle with a good quality disinfecting solution to get better result with it. When you will do it then you will be able to have less germs on the handle of your fridge and it will make your office less dirty place.

Inner Knob of washroom door: 

Weather you accept it or not but many people just go to washroom, and they come back without even washing their hands at all. And those who was their hand either leave it wet and open the washroom door from inside or they just don’t wash the hand properly. As a result of this hey live millions of microbes on the inner knob of washroom and these microbes travel from one person to other person. In order to avoid this issue and to keep that area clean it is strongly recommended that you ask your cleaning staff to disinfect the handles also while cleaning the washroom. Ideally in offices experts suggest you to clean the washroom five times a day and that the frequency you should apply for the cleaning of its inner knob as well.

Behind the images: 

If you have any kind of images or scenery in your office to beautify the place, then behind that scenery you might have a lot of dirt and dust. This dirt and dust might not be a good thing for you and it can be one of the dirtiest places of your office as well. However, cleaning that part is not very much difficult as long as you do not have any policy of not removing the images or painting from its place. So, it you don’t want to have this place dirty then you can simply clean it in easy way like you clean other spots. 

Overlooked places at height: 

Other than all above things light fixtures at top, railing or horizontal lines over the window and similar overlooked places can be also one of the dirtiest places of your office. Mostly these places remain dirty because you don’t look at them and you don’t clean them. To avoid that complication it is a good idea that you clean these places at least once in a week so you can have a clean and healthy office for you and your employees.ur-office-how-to-clean-it

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