6 Most Hidden Dust Area In Your Home

According to research, your home could be a home for thousands of bacteria’s, fungus and other microbes. That can happen because of the improper cleaning methods used by you. And if you think it is impossible because you keep your house clean, then think again very carefully. With careful thinking, you will find that there are so many hidden spots in your home that remain unclaimed for several days, weeks or even months. In fact, you don’t clean those hidden areas during the spring cleaning as well and the pile of dust keep depositing there.

Here I am going to share 6 most hidden areas in your home and you should clean that as often as possible.

Edges above your height: 

All the edges that are above your height may have a pile of dust on it. This could be your window or door edges, any design in your home or picture frames. When you do the cleaning, then you see dust on all the other places, but the upper edge or corner always remain hidden for you. In that situation, you never think about cleaning the upper part or the edge and the pile of dust keep on depositing there. Eventually, you end up having a thick layer of dust on that hidden place and it becomes the nesting ground for many microbes as well. Hence, it is advised that when you do the cleaning of your house, then you clean the hidden edges as well to get rid of dust from those areas.

Junk drawers: 

You may have many drawers in your home. Some of those drawers could be used by you in a frequent manner and some others may have junk material that has no use for you. If a drawer has only junk material in it, then it will be useless for you and you will never reach to that drawer in any condition. However, dust does not avoid this kind of places and dust reaches there very easily. Since the inside of those junk drawers remain hidden from your eyes, so deposition of dust keep on increasing and you realize that only when you open those drawers after months or years. If you don’t want to see a pile of dust in your drawer then, make sure it does not remain hidden from you. You can simply get rid of all the unused stuff by donating it or by throwing it and you can put things in those drawers that are very much useful for you.

Under the furniture: 
If we talk about more hidden places for dust, then under the furniture would come in that list for sure. If you will take a flash light and if you check just under your bed or sofa with it, then you will find there is a big dust deposition there. This dust comes from the sofa or bed via a regular medium, but you don’t clean it very often. If you will ignore the cleaning of any place, then dust will certainly claim its right there. So we may not blame the dust for it because we ignore to clean those places very often. And if you don’t want to have this issue, then you only need to clean this hidden area in your home and you will have a clean house for sure.

You curtains: 

If you want to see a cloud of dust in your home then do a simple thing for that. You can take curtain in your home and you can just hit it hard with some stick. Once you will do that, it will release some of the dust that is there on the curtain. If you will keep doing that it will keep releasing the dust until all the loose particles are removed from the curtain. Although curtains always remain in front of your eyes but you don’t see the dust because its fine particles go inside the fabric. Also, most of the time people choose dark colors for their curtain so that does not look dirty. But that color selection becomes a big help for dust and it remains hidden from your eyes. To get rid of that hidden dust and to avoid any health issues, you should simply clean your curtains very often. You can check the dust deposition in your curtain by hitting it with a stick and if you see it releases dust, then you should think about washing it.

On your carpet: 

Many homes in Singapore can have carpet to increase the comfort and aesthetic value. That is a good choice and sure it increases the aesthetic value and comfort for you. But if you don’t clean it properly, then you will end up having a lot of deposition of dust on the carpet. The worst thing is that dust particles remain hidden in the carpet and a big pile may remain hidden there without having any visibility to your eyes. I don’t have to explain that it will be not good for any of your family members. If they have a problem of dust allergy, then those hidden particles on your carpet can do a lot of harm to them. To avoid this situation it is always a wise idea that you clean your carpet using a vacuum cleaner on a regular manner.

Behind pictures: 

If you will just remove one of the pictures from walls then you will automatically understand why I consider that as a hidden spot for dust. When you do the cleaning, then you can remove the pictures and its side by areas, but you may avoid cleaning behind the picture. Same thing goes wall clock and similar other objects as well. So, if you don’t want to dust deposition at these hidden places, then ideally you should remove the frames from walls in every few days and you should do the cleaning of that place. It will keep it clean and dust free for you in the best possible manner and you will get good results as well having no problem at all.

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