6 Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Kitchen cleaning in Singapore is a tedious and time and effort-consuming task for some people and for that reason they usually make certain mistakes in cleaning it. But one can not ignore cleaning his/her kitchen regularly or frequently as an unhygienic kitchen can be harmful to their health and the health of their family. Still, some people keep kitchen cleaning on hold for various reasons including lack of time. Some of the usual mistakes done in kitchen cleaning in Singapore are discussed in brief hereunder to alert you in this regard. 

Kitchen cleaning mistakes

Mistakes did in cleaning the oven:
 Oven is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen which should be cleaned regularly after every use. But most people avoid cleaning them even frequently for various reasons like lack of time or hurry to go to their job. It can make your oven harmful to your health as the remnants and greasy substances in it may decay with time and make it unhygienic.

To avoid this mistake you should clean your oven at least every second day with the help of a quality cleaner. You can spray the grease cleaning product on all the surfaces of the interior and exterior of your oven and allow it to remain there for a few minutes. Then you should clean it properly when the grease on them is dissolved into the cleaner. 

Mistakes did in cleaning microwave:
 Irregular cleaning of the microwave-like oven is one of the other kitchen cleaning mistakes which should be avoided by people in Singapore. The build-ups caused due to grease and grime left over while using it can make it unhygienic. The grease and grime in it can be loosened only by boiling a few slices of lemon in a cup of water in your microwave. You can easily clean your microwave by spending a few minutes in this regard to make it healthy for your family and enhance the looks of your kitchen.

Fridge cleaning
Fridge cleaning

Mistakes in Fridge cleaningFridge is another important electrical appliance in your kitchen that needs frequent cleaning for its proper functioning. Usually, perishable foods and other products are placed in the fridge so they should be cleaned regularly after some days to keep them hygienic and healthy for your family.

Along with choosing and removing the staling old food, you should clean it thoroughly by removing the whole stored stuff and its shelves and drawers. You should use quality cleaning products to clean it from every nook and corner including under the rubber gasket and hinges by using a small brush and a toothpick. Shelves and drawers of the fridge should also be cleaned properly by using a good quality cleaner.

Dishwasher cleaning mistakes: 
Like other equipment in your kitchen Dishwasher is another important appliance in your kitchen that is normally avoided while cleaning your kitchen. The dishwasher should be cleaned regularly as the dishes and other utensils washed in it have all type of grimes and grease on them which may remain in your dishwasher after your dishes and other utensils are in it.

The remnant grime and grease may decay in your dishwasher if it is not cleaned thoroughly and frequently by using a quality cleaner. It should be cleaned internally and externally from all sides with the help of a toothbrush or scrub to scratch out the remnants from it completely. 

Use of proper equipment and cleaners:
 Several kitchen cleaning mistakes are done even by the people who clean their kitchen regularly. Their mistakes include the use of improper equipment and cleaners that may not only be harmful to their appliances but also to their own hands. The use of harsh cleaners and hard scrubs can be harmful to the surfaces of your appliances and also your hands.

Mistakes in cleaning your kitchen cabinets:
 Some people commit mistakes while dusting their kitchen cabinets. They usually clean their cabinets without removing the stored stuff in them. it does not allow them to remove pests and insects from their cabinet which can spoil the dry foodstuff stored in it. They should remove each and every item from the cabinet to clean it thoroughly and rearrange it properly for future use. 

Thus these are some of the kitchen cleaning mistakes that should be avoided for a healthy life in Singapore. 

How To Clean Your Kitchen Like A Professional?

Kitchen cleaning
Kitchen cleaning

Here are some tips for cleaning your kitchen like a professional:

Start by decluttering and organizing. Remove items from the countertops and surfaces that you don’t need or use regularly. This will make it easier to clean and will give your kitchen a more polished look.

Wipe down surfaces with a microfiber cloth or sponge and an all-purpose cleaner. Be sure to pay extra attention to areas that tend to collect grime, such as the backsplash and the range hood.

Scrub the sink with a scouring pad or steel wool and a cleaner specifically formulated for sinks. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.

Wipe down the outside of your appliances, including the microwave, refrigerator, and oven. Use a stainless steel cleaner for appliances with stainless steel surfaces.

Clean the inside of your microwave by heating up a bowl of water and vinegar for several minutes. The steam will help loosen any stuck-on food, making it easier to wipe clean.

Wash the inside and outside of your trash can with hot water and a disinfectant cleaner.

Wipe down the floor with a mop or damp cloth, starting in the farthest corner of the room and working your way toward the door. Be sure to pay extra attention to corners and areas around the baseboards.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean your kitchen like a professional and keep it looking clean and organized.

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