4 Companies That Don’t Charge Agent Fees For Part Time Maid Services

When looking for part time maid or cleaning services, you want to give your family a comfortable life as you get more time to focus on important matters. However, getting quality services often means paying more which (frankly speaking) is unfair during current financial times. For this reason, it is wise to pick a company that offers its services without charging agent fees.

In this article, we have listed down 4 such companies that are fully based in Singapore. Hopefully, these examples will help you save your money as you enjoy great value for it at the same time.

E Home Services –  https://www.facebook.com/ehomeservices
This is a professional cleaning company boasts a good reputation among homeowners due to the quality services it provides. They hire maids who are professionally trained and who have experience for many years. This company provides a wide range of services to homes and thus if you are looking for a company with a clean track record you might want to test their services.

Because it is a company that respects its customers, E Home Services stands tall as a force to reckon with in the laundry and home maintenance industry. Best of all is that their prices are pretty reasonable.

They don’t charge agency fee for maid services and this goes a long way to ensure that you save a lot. Normally, some companies require you to pay a certain percentage prior to accessing their services. This, as you would expect means that you have to pay more. Worse of all, such charges don’t necessarily translate to an improvement in service delivery.

E Home is your go to company whenever you want to keep your home cleaner and perfect for living in under a tight budget.

@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd – https://www.facebook.com/absolutesolutionspteltd
Let’s face it; prices for most basic commodities are rising quite fast and the last thing we want to pay expensively for is home cleaning. @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd, helps you save on these services. They don’t charge agency fees for their part time maid and cleaners.

Normally, you would expect such a company to offer services that are below par. But that’s not really the case with @bsolute Solutions Pte. They appreciate the fact that cleaning a home is a noble task that needs to be handled professionally. They seem to be alive to the fact that though house cleaning is not really a high tech procedure, it does require some skills and knowledge.

For this reason, they have gone ahead to invest in a team that is both well-trained and highly disciplined. Besides that, they have gone ahead to invest in the latest technology just to ensure that the job is done in timely fashion and meets the highest standards set in the market.

Well, you may not save much using professional cleaning services, but the value of time and approach given by this company is really something worth looking forward to.

Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd – https://www.facebook.com/parttimecleaner
With basic cleaning tasks, you want full reassurance that you are hiring a qualified service provider.

Auntie Cleaner is one such company that boasts a massive customer following both online and offline. They provide their part-time maid services without appending those hectic agency charges we all don’t want to hear about.

This is a simple strategy they have employed to lower the prices of their services and to ensure good value for money. This is the deal that you need to receive every few days so that you can keep your house in the best condition and ready for all important occasions.

The good thing about working with this company is that they take responsibility over any wrongdoings of their maids. For this reason, they always carry out a background check of their staff because they want to keep their reputation intact.

Not only is Auntie Cleaner a good company on service delivery but also they have the right capacity to handle most jobs. Not only do they ensure that job is done perfectly, but they work to prevent damages that may be caused by incorrect cleaning methods.

Combine all these benefits, and clearly, you get a deal that is beyond reproach.

Singapore Laundry – http://www.singaporelaundry.com/housecleaning.html

Although there are many ways to save on maid services, you should never compromise on quality. Singapore laundry is a company that seems to know this quite well. They offer affordable, professional part-time maid services at a competitive price tag simply because they don’t charge agency fees.

When you are working with a company that seeks to profit from its staff, you’ll normally be required to add a certain percentage of the bill. Of course, this means paying more for the same services. Given that we live in times when things are getting really tough on everybody, the last thing you want is to pay for something you don’t really benefit from. Singapore Laundry does not seek to profit from their workers and for this reason they don’t charge any hidden fees on their part-time maid services.

The main benefit of using their part-time maid services is that you are assured of security in your house. If history is anything to go by, families that hire full time cleaners are likely to have their personal property vandalized. It is also worth noting that historically, full time cleaners are more prone to getting impregnated after which they are likely to stop working.

Such situations can be easily avoided by consulting companies such as Singapore Laundry which are known for providing affordable services without charging agency fees.

Bottom Line

Choosing part-time house cleaning services that don’t charge agent fees gives you absolute peace of mind. Besides that, it saves you lots of money given that your property’s safety is assured. Unlike using alternative services, you don’t have to bear more costs in installing CCTV cameras in your house so that you can monitor activities. The issue of misconduct and mistrust are much fewer when you hire part time cleaners from reputable companies.

Please note that Singapore has many other companies that provide part-time maid services. But the 4 companies we have listed above seem to be at the top of the market and have a clean track record so far.

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