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Making sure that your house is comfortable and clean is tedious. Fulfilling that responsibility often takes a long period of time, leaving more important stuff left undone. Anyone who is in charge of maintaining a home clean and tidy understands how difficult it will always be.

Do you know the significant thing about part-time maid service?

We always have the wrong idea of engaging maids, a maid is not just serving you tea & coffee every day upon request, they are a helpful source in keeping your environment clean and healthy!

With our busy work schedules, we neglected our time cleaning our homes. We have been looking around for alternatives to relax due to work load during working hours. We will leave house early in the morning and sometimes return late at night, whenever we are back from work, all we want is to REST. Many of us are prepared to trade cash for time. We all know how comfortable and relaxing it is to walk in back to our tidy and cosy home. We want to spend more time with our loved ones or doing our own stuff. It will assist hectic personnel to relax, knowing that there is one less thing to bother. A clean house is vital to everyone. Auntie Cleaner takes part of your burden and the maintenance of a house off your own hands.


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