7 Ways Hiring Part Time Maid Can Save Your Time

Hiring a maid in Singapore is a personal choice that comes with pros and cons. One of the main factors to consider is if you can afford to a hire a maid, whether part-time or full-time. A full-time maid is ideal if you have small kids preferably less than 2 years, they come in so handy in helping out with the kids and house chores round the clock. On the other hand, part-time maids are ideal for a household that only requires their temporary services. However, kids are not the only reason that people hire maids. You can hire a part-time maid just for cleaning of your houses, if you have a sick person in the house that needs attention throughout and your busy schedule does not allow or if you are hosting people over your house for a long time or if you have old parents.


The cost of hiring a part-time maid is a tad bit affordable in Singapore compared to other parts of the world. They range from $10 to $20 dollars per hour. Hiring a part-time maid independently is cheaper as compared to getting one from an agency so you might want to consider looking for one by yourself.

If you are super busy mom looking to save time, a part-time maid will be your perfect solution. Lets look at 7 ways that you can save time by hiring a part-time maid

1. Professional cleaning

Some tasks are just better off left to professionals. For some good reason, maids just know their way around when it comes to house chores. They manage just so well and complete their tasks on time while it takes you a whole day and half a night to get things done and its not always thoroughly done. Having a part-time maid will save you the energy and time that you would have spent on some tasks such as carpet cleaning, cleaning stains on the floor and even furniture.

2. You are able to plan your day

Having a part-time maid helps you plan your day because you know what activities you will cover while what other activities your maid will handle. You can actually plan your days errands and even be able to book appointments that you will attend without delays or even missing altogether because you have an extra hand to help you with the kids and house chores in the house. You can cover so much just in a day when you have a part-time maid to help.


3. Your house is well organized

There is nothing as depressing and emotionally draining as living in a cluttered house. The site of toys all over the house, magazines thrown all over the study table, clothes on the bed and under the bed and cluttered in the drawers is stressing. If you are one of those people who are not good in having a house well organized, a part-time maid can sort you out. Just have one who comes in regularly to arrange your house. This will save you the time you take going through piles of clothes just to look for one pair of jeans or the time it takes you to put back all the stuff back to where they are supposed to be.

4. You are free from time-consuming tasks
Some tasks are way too time-consuming for a busy career woman or a young mother or just about anyone else who has other things to do. Tasks such as thorough cleaning of all the furniture can take you half a day. To save time, just hire a part-time maid to do this tasks so that you focus on other less time-consuming tasks such as cooking dinner, doing laundry and supervising your kids homework. Maids are professionals who know how to effectively and efficiently do this tasks

5. You can focus on more important tasks

Having a part-time helper means that you can now shift your focus on more important issues other than changing diapers and doing laundry. Not that these tasks are not important but more important things like going for your masters, launching your career or advancing it or even going to a gym which is very important for your health.

Having a helper saves you time enough to afford a social life. With kids and house chores it is impossible to have a meaningful social life. Your life revolves around hanging out with kids in the park or planning for play dates. How about a good lunch date with your girlfriends to catch up on the latest gossip?


6. You become more productive

Hiring a part-time maid enables you to become productive in whatever small tasks that you are left doing. Lets face it, being a mother, a career woman, a cleaner and everything else in your house is so draining and leaves you with poor productivity. Having someone focus on the house chores as you focus on your baby leaves you a more productive mother. Same as having a maid to focus on your kids and the house leaves you with enough time to be more productive in your career. Productivity requires time which you can only have when you have a part-time maid to help you with some tasks.

7. Regular cleaning

We tend to spend more time cleaning parts of the house that we do not clean often while we spend less time on commonly used areas such as the kitchen. Having a part-time maid come in every week ensures that all corners of your house are regularly cleaned and this keeps your house clean at all times. Should you want to do the cleaning yourself then you will not waste time with the cleaning. This applies to the house being organized every so often.

Singapore being such as fast-paced country, a maid whether part-time or full-time is a necessity for dual-income families. It saves them so much time, money and energy. A human being can only take in so much so go ahead and invest in a maid so long as you can afford and there is a need for one.

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